The decision was announced at Kazan Federal University on 27 August.

Lobachevsky Medal and Prize (75 thousand United States dollars) is awarded by KFU on odd years for contributions to fundamental and applied mathematics. The International Jury comprises 16 individuals and is headed by KFU Professor, Academician of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences Marat Arslanov.

This year, eight applications were approved for the final round, and only two of them were overseas researchers. On the voting day, round zero was supposed to choose three candidates with the most votes (every member of the jury could choose up to three candidates in order of preference). The finalists were Russian nationals Sergey IvanovRoman Mikhaylov, and Idzhad Sabitov. In the next cutoff round, Dr. Sabitov emerged with the absolute majority of votes. His victory must now be formally approved by the Academic Board of Kazan Federal University.

The Prize has a long history; it was first awarded from 1897 to 1937 and then revived from 1992 to 2002.

In 2017, Lobachevsky Medal and Prize was brought to life again in a biennial format. The winner of that year was Richard Schoen (University of California, Irvine) for his solution of the Yamabe problem on compact manifolds and for fundamental contribution to the theory of regularity of minimal surfaces and harmonic mappings. In 2019, the award went do Daniel T. Wise (McGill University) for contributing to the proof of the virtually Haken conjecture.